“I am particularly fascinated and intrigued by your uncanny ability to forecast global events and outcomes correctly – and just as importantly, to suggest constructive ways forward.”

Marika Sboros - South African journalist and published author

Murrinations Insights


6.0 Anti-Entropy And The Power Of Love

Principle 9: Love = Anti-Entropy. The power of attraction bonds human collective systems; the stronger the bonds between… Read more.


4.0 Longevity Through Human Social Structures

Humans, to date, have failed to transcend individual mortality but have instead relied on a different genetic strategy to beat entropy by building… Read more.


1.0 An Introduction To Entropy

Since writing Breaking The Code Of History and formulating the Theory of Human Collective Systems we have continued to seek enhanced concepts that explain human… Read more.


Ray Dalio has claimed that the conditions in place in America are such that they make a second civil war and the political impasse at the next election in 2024 almost… Read more.

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Real-Time Investment and Trade Recommendations

Our services provide real-time long-term and medium-term trade recommendations, with precise short-term entry points to maximise return multiples.

We cover the 5 macro sectors: equity indexes, FX, bonds, commodities and emerging markets, plus individual shares in multiples sectors.

“David Murrin is one of the best global macro forecasters I know...”

Anric Blatt, Managing Partner - involved with hedge funds and the #FinancialPlanning community since 1994, has done due diligence on 15,000+ funds and has been an investor in thousands of them

Strategic Advisor

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Corporate Advisor

Deliverable: David's focus will be to futureproof your business against macro trends – de-risking against shocks and finding new opportunities and strategies for growth. Read more.

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Hedge Fund Advisor

Deliverable: Align your business and assets, under management, with macro trends – de-risking against shocks and finding new opportunities and strategies for growth. Read more.

us china trade war

Political Advisor

Deliverable: David's focus will be to futureproof national strategies against Macro trends – de-risking against shocks and finding new opportunities and strategies for growth. Read more.


Breaking The Code Of History

We must identify the theories that underlie historical cycles, learn the lessons and apply them to today’s changing world. Studying the ebb and flow of empires throughout history, in particular, can enable us to pinpoint the mechanisms that cause civilisations to rise and fall. Read about the book, an introduction to BTCH, feedback or purchase the book direct.

Lions Led By Lions

History is full of truths to be discovered. However, over the past one hundred years the greatest divergence between a story told and its reality is that of the British Expeditionary Force (BEF) during World War I. Read about the book, extracts from Lions Led By Lions, feedback or purchase the book direct.

Now Or Never

Today, Britain is living through a time of crisis, triggered by the pandemic and the consequent economic contraction. To compound the uncertainties ahead, Britain is also in the final stage of its Brexit process. However every signal from the five-stage roadmap model indicates that phase is, in reality, a time of great opportunity for Britain to reset and rebuild as we return to our global maritime heritage and increase our integration into a global trading system in a new multi-polar world. A time when Britain will be able to fill the numerous vacuums created as America contracts, which will sure up the democratic world against the rising threat of dictatorships.

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Red Lightning

Red Lightning

Since the end of the Cold War, the majority of the populations of the West have lived with the assumption that World War III (WWIII) would and could never take place. However, what if an aggressive and expansive hegemonic challenger believed that the combination of the West’s collapse in collective moral fibre and resolve, coupled with the use of powerful and decisive new weapons deployed en masse, could make WWIII winnable? This is the story of how the past ten years and next five years comprise the road to war in 2025 and the moment that China mounts surprise attacks on the free world. Red Lightning then precisely details how the PLAN wins WW3 in only a few days and ends the rule of democracy globally.

Future Trends Speaker

future trends speaker
geopolitical speaker

David Murrin is one of those rare creatures – he not only possesses a massive amount of knowledge about financial markets and investment but he looks at the sector from a totally different perspective than most other observers.

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global forecaster Mission Statement

  • We study cycles within history to locate the position of nations and markets in the present day and then predict future events
  • We try to understand underlying patterns in human and system behaviour to enable accurate predictions with a high probability of an outcome.
  • We seek to transform multi-variable complexity into the simplicity of first-order effects.
  • We seek to learn and grow to improve our systems and perspectives.
  • We are alert to extreme consensus, allowing the opportunity to benefit from contrarian perspectives.
  • We seek to present truths even if they are uncomfortable.
  • We seek to confront and expose malign energy wherever it may manifest in human systems.
  • We seek to understand previous system traumas, both in nations and markets. As by the Rule of Alternation, this memory then creates differing outcomes in the next similar event.
  • We seek to share our knowledge to empower our readers and subscribers with more realistic ways of understanding our human world and how best to create more positive outcomes, especially when faced with global challenges such as the role of economic cycles, warfare in human evolution and climate change.
  • We seek to raise the individual and collective consciousness.
  • We seek to inspire our readers, subscribers and ideally all of humankind to reach their potential over the shortest possible time, recognising that a great shift is upon us this decade.

About David

David Murrin has been described as a polymath. His 30-year career has focused on finding deep-seated patterns in history and using them to understand and accurately predict the future in both today’s turbulent geopolitical dynamics and financial markets. To achieve this, he has developed a unique model for human systems and their cyclical behaviour that is applicable to empires, nations, military organisations and companies. This five-stage roadmap enhances understanding and decision-making and has a remarkable track record of predicting events over the past two decades.

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