February 2013

Where are the Political Heroes when we need them? Part 4 "The unpopularity of Western politicians can only increase"

In general we can be sure that, whilst in 2008 Western politicians ensured that the bankers who they had encouraged to leverage the failing growth of the West so that they could remain in power, took the blame for the financial crisis. Going forward they will not be able to avoid the blame for the ensuing economic distress, and will become increasingly vilified by the populations that they lead and, in due course, history itself.

Where are the Political Heroes when we need them? Part 3 "US Sequestration is a sad reality"

The US is the last nation in the system of the Western Christian Empire, and whilst it survives it also helps to keep afloat the European system long after it would have collapsed of its own volition. But its own dynamics are those of a nation that is clearly well into a phase of decline itself.

Where are the Political Heroes when we need them? Part 2 "So where are Britain and taly on the Empire leadership cycle"

Old Europe lost its empire after 1950, and the EU is, in effect, a futile attempt to force the regionalisation process without the benefit of powerful demographics being in place to drive this. And so both Italy and Britain fall into a phase where poor leadership is the norm, until frustration and collective suffering drive a new energy that changes the nature of government fundamentally.

Where are the Political Heroes when we need them? Part 1 "The empire cycle and leadership"

The deadlock and failure of western governments to lead their countries effectively is a symptom of where these nations are within their empire cycle. In this sequence of blogs I will seek to put into perspective the current predicament within western societies and their failure to produce effective leadership that could otherwise create more positive outcomes for the West.

The empire cycle and leadership

Less stick and more carrot

A trend has emerged amongst governments across the western world of responding to the high debt burdens by implementing new strategies to tax the middle and wealthy classes. The reality is that such a strategy will not work for the simple reason that it will never generate sufficient tax revenues to solve the deficit  problems.

Appeasement and David Cameron's government

Throughout history individuals and nations have had to decide how to react when threatened by a strong aggressor. Appeasement has been an age-old human strategy which some have chosen to adopt in such situations, in the hope that, by agreeing and appeasing an aggressor they will buy themselves time, or perhaps even an exemption from any harm.

The Rise of Islamic power in the North of Africa

Both the recent events in Mali which have resulted in military intervention by France with British support and at the remote BP installation in Algeria which ended with the death of all the Islamic militants and many of their hostages are driven by the same energy of Islamic expansion. As I have discussed in Breaking the Code of History, the Islamic world centred on the Middle East and northern Africa is in a state of dynamic expansion.