Global Leadership Trends

The organisation of human social structures has traditionally been hierarchical. This behaviour extends back to the time of tribal chiefs, kings and emperors. All were seated at the top of a pyramid with ultimate power, much as a queen controls an ant colony. The major departure from this organisational pattern was the introduction of democracy, with its much broader power structure and higher levels of collective enfranchisement within a society.

Winston Churchill - Not just the greatest Briton Part II

It is Interesting that whilst Churchill's greatness is now obvious for all of us to appreciate. However, throughout his career he was viewed by many of those around him with great mistrust. This especially when he took the reins of power in the great crisis of the summer of 1940 when all around him wanted to surrender. Instead of surcombing to the majority's wishes, he chose to follow his significant intellect and strategic judgement, even in the face of all those around him resisting him.

Winston Churchill - Not just the greatest Briton Part I

I should first declare my hand when I say that my first son is called Winston (certainly not after a drug dealer in the Caribbean!) and my second Horatio. Whilst I would consider Horatio Nelson to be one of the greatest heroes of the British Empire, Winston Churchill was so much more and for me he was the greatest hero of the Western world.

Nelson Mandela: A Great Light in the Affairs of Man

In order to understand more thoroughly Nelson Mandela’s magnificent achievements, one has to appreciate the geopolitical context of his life and to do that it is necessary to look at South Africa’s history and its phase on the empire cycle. From the time of its independence SA started its regional process and its population expanded unevenly with the black population growing faster than the white population, exacerbating the latter’s minority position.

Leadership and collective moral integrity

The rise and fall of empires and any other governmental system demonstrate two very different value models. As a system rises it is optimistic and looks to the future understanding that decisions today have ongoing consequences for the stability of the empire/system . However in decline many decisions are taken with the mindset of putting out fires and in that entrenched view, set new limitations and thus create new fires .

Thatcher's example of Iconic Leadership

Leadership should be viewed as service.
One of the key elements in resolving safely the crisis of the western world and ultimately moving towards a Sentient World is the concept of how power is wielded by our political leaders, and all those in positions of authority. The Greeks recognized two of the expressions of power, which we might simply call ‘good power’ and ‘bad power’. They believed that power in itself is not good or bad, any more than anger is good or bad. Yet its expression can be harmful or beneficial, damaging or appropriate.

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