Putin's Channel Dash

In early 1942, the German battleship Scharnhorst and heavy battlecruiser Gneisenau made a daylight dash up the English Channel, from occupied France to the relative safety of Germany. Despite the best efforts of the RAF and Royal Navy, the two warships, with the help of the Luftwaffe, made it safely to Germany. The Royal Navy's failure to interdict this force, so close to its shores was a major blow.

Beware the hungry bear

The rather appropriately named 'Trough Wars' are characterised by a nation that finds itself in an economic and social trough. Such a nation chooses to distract its population by using military power to create an external threat and will ensure conflict to unite popular opinion in support of their leadership.

With low oil prices expected until 2018, Russia finds itself in just such a situation today, and we can only expect the severity of the economic impact to increase on its economy.

The Battle for Heart of Russia

While millions follow on Twitter a proxy war in eastern Ukraine between Cold War nemeses, there is a bigger and far more serious fight that is well underway and undocumented that unless reversed, will irrevocably change the geo-political and economic landscape in Europe, Great Britain and the United States, in the coming decade.

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