Listening to the hypothetical arguments from the UK government about the damage to the economy that Brexit will cause is an obvious attempt to sow fear. An argument… Read more.

Cameron yesterday made the rash statement that Brexit would increase the probability of WW3.

As one who has made the cause of war a… Read more.

Over six month ago, I predicted that a Republican president would win the next election in November and that Trump would be the Republican nomination. Thus, Trump would… Read more.

Long-term stability in global geopolitics is ever only fleeting.

Millennia ago, the major states of ancient Greece and their… Read more.

Obama’s recent visit to the UK and his intervention into the Brexit referendum represents an unprecedented American interference in British politics and will be… Read more.

The rather appropriately named 'Trough Wars' are characterised by a nation that finds itself in an economic and social trough. Such a nation chooses to distract its… Read more.

In sharp comparison, Boris Johnson’s choice of project ‘Hope’ is perfectly positioned to resonate with which will almost inevitably be the winning side of this… Read more.

Cameron’s project ‘Fear’ is an ironic choice upon which to base his campaign, as it casts him in the classical role of the archetype monarch who governs from a narrow… Read more.

I was driven to overcome my dyslexia and commit my ideas to paper in “Breaking the Code of History” because I feared for all of our children's future.

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