The Brexit Defence Review - The Royal Navy First

The Brexit Defence Review - The Royal Navy First

Since the Spanish Armada, the Royal Navy has been Britain’s first line of defence and offence. Today is no different, and yet the RN  has been run down by two decades of defence cuts to within an inch of its effective life. Simultaneously, there is currently a revolution in naval affairs taking place in the expanding navies of the world that represents a significant rising threat to Britain's national security. So, the question has to be asked; is the Royal Navy ready to enable the aspirations and imperatives of a new Global Britain? Alarmingly the answer is a resounding no.

Brexit and The Right Brained Revolution.

Right Brained

Thank you for my many readers who have contacted me today following Dominic Cummings request for weird and eclectic people to apply to help revolutionize the Boris Government apparatus.

Your confidence is much appreciated!

On a more serious note, I have long postulated that regional civil wars are at their most fundamental level driven by the need to release right-brained energy so that a society can expand. On this basis, I have been predicting that there would be a right-brained revolution in government and business since the arrival of Boris as PM.

The End of the Brexit Civil War. Part 2 The Predictive Power of the 5 Phase Life Cycle

Brexit predictions

From a Murrinations perspective our coverage and correct analysis in complex detail of the Brexit Civil wars outcomes using the Five Phase Growth Cycle, has once more shown the power of this model to understand and predict collective human behaviour. As such, I hope it will further spark your engagement and transmission of the concepts to others. To that end, I have included a summary key quotes from my Murrinations in predicting the Brexit outcomes, which were often contrary to all accepted expectations.

The Brexit Election: Part 3 The Conclusion.


As we move into that last two weeks before the election the polls are indicating that all of my predictions for the Brexit Election with respect to the results are coming to pass .i.e That the Conservatives would win a 345 plus seat majority and that support for the Labour Party would implode. It is worth reading the rational of the five phase empire cycle applied to this Brexit election that generated my predictions.

The Brexit Election: Part 1 The Remain Parties

brexit election

So the 57th Parliament of England has been dissolved and last week it's self-serving egocentric speaker retired and subsequently was replaced by  a more respectful and impartial Speaker of the House. I suspect that history will judge the arrogant and deluded 57th Parliament and its speaker Bercrow as one of the most duplicitous and self-serving in British democracy’s long history.

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