The Battle of Parliment Part 2 (The Remainers Last Stand)

The Battle of Parliment Part 2 (The Remainers Last Stand)

So after Super Saturday, Parliament has once again demonstrated its desire to frustrate Brexit, against the will of the British people. A position personified by the architect of the destructive amendment Oliver Letwin who has blocked Brexit. Although appearing affable, Letwin’s malevolent destructiveness to Britain's best interests goes back to 2010 when he was instrumental in the disastrous 2010 security review that disabled Britain's defence capability far into the future. His actions raising the question as to whether he is the anchorman of a new Russian spy ring!

The Battle of Parliament (the Remainers last stand)

The Battle of Parliament (the Remainers last stand)

Over the past week, I have been flooded with people asking me if Boris has blown it!  And also watched the press ride the sensational wave without providing any real insight. Indeed the press, with the exception of The Telegraph, has been hugely biased in favour of the Remain perspective. Notably, within Westminster and in the Greater 'remain' London battle, they rather optimistically seek to portray that Boris as 'kaput'. The reality, however, is diametrically opposite.

Brexit-Death by May

For over a decade, I have been highlighting that with the Super Western Empire in the final phase of decline, that it would manifest leadership that would be consistently poor. Characterized by being focused on poor judgemnet , lack of vision and essentially serving themselves rather than the people they claimed to lead. Sadly this has proven true in every nation in the west almost without exception and is personified by the premiership of May.

Brexit Options

Since 2016 we have predicted that Brexit would result in a no deal outcome.  The negotiations were best modelled as an acrimonious separation with the worst possible outcome.  However this model assumed that the Government and Parliament played by the rules. May and the EU have disregarded the rules by unilaterally delaying Brexit  (I would expect a legal challenge to this action and an argument that we are still leaving on the 29th to be raised in Parliament).

Brexit Part 2: On the way to a "No Deal"

If we compare today's Brexit with our two past examples of the English civil war and Henry VIIIs reformation we find an anomaly in the new British cycle. At the bottom of the British national cycle post-1970 there was a continuity of governance unseen in past cycles due to the framework of the super western Christian empire. Whilst continuity accelerated Britain's recovery time considerably, its' downside was that the legacy leadership structures of the nation remained in place, rather than evolving through a period of chaos which would have allowed new leadership to rise to the fore.

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